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We are under development, as a department of PUGDOGŪ Enterprises Inc's
Better Beads craft network. Our Joey Pouches are made with this sort of wool, and we'll be
providing links to other wool/fiber resources as time goes on.

About our Joey Pouches

In our never ending search for cute names, we came up with "Joey Pouches" for our hand-made, box-woven or knitted small pouch bags from Bunker Hill Designs.

What's a "joey"? A Joey is a baby marsupial. Not just kangaroos, but also koalas, possums, sugar gliders, and many other marsupial animals have "joeys" for offspring.

Pictures of the bags we have available (all are one of a kind), will be forthcoming, and are first-com, first served. We have a nice selection of Christmas and Hannukkah colors, as well as pastels for Easter, and many neutral designer colors and shapes.

Pictures coming soon! (If they last that long!)

Visit our shop to see, and feel, them all!

A few links on raw wool:

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